Someone Wrecked Athena’s Home

I remember when the world belonged to me alone.

And nothing bad spread across it.

I was its creator, never scared to walk out the door,

Discover a new street, walk further and further, even after the sun had set.


In this world I felt whole.

Protected and sheltered, eager to grow and expand all my horizons.

It was the dream of a child,

With an imagination that had not yet been tampered with.


I can’t remember the first time someone came to shatter it,

To give it that initial blow,

And the fatal one, to eject me fully,

Annihilate the earth I had created with all my senses.


The act was done with purpose.

The act of adults. Of kids raised amongst the tightness of so-called reality.

They ate away my world like fire eradicates a picture without a frame.

And I never cease to re-enter the premises I had established

In my own body and mind, spread across all times and spheres.

Why did you make me a part of your prison?

What could you possibly teach me? Offer me?

I learned, close to nothing, because I knew everything as a child.


I knew what to eat.

I knew when to eat.

I knew when to run.

I knew when to cry.

I knew how to think.

I felt beloved.

By myself.


You deformed it all, depersonalised it, adjusted it to your world, not mine.

And I felt like an abomination ever since, I don’t fit.

Here, take it all back, everything I truly need is here –

Within the four elements of me.


“The Nurse” by Edvard Munch (1863-1944)


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