The Female Nude And You

If the female body is in itself pornographic, we’re really screwed. This false concept is so irritating to me and the mind-set of the people behind it. Art is an object, it becomes something deeper and bigger through the beholder. You invest in it. You are looking at it. It is your associations and projections that individualise a piece for you. You superimpose it with your narrative. That’s how art works, predominantly. You look at it and think, imagine, drift off. It is your brain. If you see a nude of a woman and think “porn”, that’s on you. You contextualise her. Sexualise her. And then you are the one demonising her for your take on her, your mind-set? The naked body is a naked body, pure and simple. Take some responsibility for your own thoughts.

woman with curly hair lying on bed
Photo by Luana Bento on

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