Night-time Paranoia

Did you ever have one of those nights where

Everything goes wrong?

The sky feels too heavy and the darkness of still life

Clouds collapses onto your shoulders.


The nights where you say all the wrong things

To the wrong people in the wrong moments.

And every gesture directs you straight to the minefield

That is you. You are carrying something with you.


Something’s going on in your mind.

You enter a room and you can’t remember it in the morning.

What you said and to whom.

What you did and you can’t put the missing pieces together

To figure out why you feel so bad.


Did the mask drop? Did the truth come out?

Was it you or me? Them or her or him?

And you wonder and wonder whether this night where everything

Seemed to fall apart, and never in your favour,

Actually happened for a reason.


“Une Japonaise” by Jules Lefebvre (1834-1912)


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