The colour green travels fast.

Its grin: yellow.

It is a beggar that grabs the body by the hips.

The open mouth releasing its torment.


The hands shake the waist, the frustration rises higher.

The crown pushes everything back down.

You don’t belong, you don’t belong.

The nails of thought are hammered into the flesh of the scalp.


I knock on your door.

Our heart’s the same.

You close your eyes.

But I can’t be gone.


I go with you, because we belong together.

You swing that great big knife, licking the edge in anticipation.

Defeat tastes good on your tongue, across your teeth.

And I sing and sing at the border of my life.


I can neither leave.

Nor can I smile. No more.

I don’t want to hear the fake voice, listen to its artifice.

Walking by the fences, I can see the sky better, envision it: the colour blue.


“Kate Perugini” by Charles Edward Perugini (1839-1918)

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