The One Holding Her Close

Her smile hides a knot in her tongue.

A bag of stones in her throat.

The fingers are touching her shoulder.

The nails crawling into the flesh as softly as they can.


Her pressure is a convincing one.

A calligraphy of friendship and promises.

One of them gives everything away and starves.

The other one gladly receives and stands tall, the peacock.


They are as close as they can be, a prison is created.

She holds her in her arms, keeping her in her misery.

She listens to her agony and feeds.

Her chin on her head, she smiles.


She has no idea what it feels like.

As she steps onto her alleged best friend.

How she is suffering and sinks and does not notice,

That she is encouraged by the one

Holding her hand.


“Study for Lamia (Study of Winifred Green)” by Herbert James Draper (1863-1920)

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