Napolitana’s Crossroads

You have never held a woman like her.

A woman like Napolitana.

She craves nothing more, but won’t let you.

She betrays, because they all broke her.


Kicking away her pieces as she looked for them in the dark.

Unapologetic, unknowing, unaware, ignorant.

Napolitana’s heart was running out of blood.

She became a stabber of backs too.


Napolitana was young and knew nothing about true friendship.

She grew comfortable with suffocators in her sheets.

He had never seen a woman like her.

A child dressed in armoury.


Protecting everybody, getting into fights, never for herself.

She runs past her mirror image.

There is nothing to see.

She made it all disappear and they collected it like Easter eggs.


When she asked it back, they laughed at her.

Never did they take her seriously.

Her head landing in her hands again.

The fists on her ears, the stomachache.


The sabotage from deep within, they are attracted by the light.

Napolitana has never been perfect and made a lot of mistakes.

But she is a woman familiar with U-turns and lessons learned.

And all it might take is to accept an honest embrace.


“Princess Catherine of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck” by Pietro Antonio Rotari (1707-1762)


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