Waiting for Apolline

He saw it since the very first moment.

He knew when he saw her.

She was all over the place.

His well-intentioned attention made her uncomfortable.


Apolline wasn’t used to kindness.

Not from men.

She looked at him through the cloud of swallowed wine.

She was so scared.


Yet there he was looking back at her in admiration.

She blushed and felt exposed.

He saw right through her masks.

In itself invaluable.


To be seen indeed made her uncomfortable.

He was always on her mind.

Apolline felt like she was catapulted back into girlhood.

She had forgotten how to be herself.


He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

From the inside out.

Without his patience and genuine love this would have become the greatest tragedy.

Apolline had to climb out of a hole, her entire body dedicated.


He jumped into the hole with her to accompany her out of there.

She always thought she wasn’t able to love.

As she saw how much he sweated and kept pushing her, holding her –

They melted into one another in the healthiest way.


For the first time she could feel her body, her soul.

As he looked at her she felt she didn’t need any make-up anymore.

He familiarised her with an energy she lost a long time ago or never possessed.

To love herself first and foremost, and await the rest.


close up photo of man kissing woman
Photo by Avonne Stalling on Pexels.com



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