The Parable of Sisterhood

Antigone, gracious and expressive, entertained all her audiences.

Then there was Calypso. She was observant, comical, seeking her own talents.

Jealousy may be the strongest emotion if nurtured.

How can Calypso turn her back on jealousy?


For it is a bed of knives tightening its grip around her confidence.

As she looks at her radiant sister, as Antigone dances, and pirouettes openly.

Calypso feels so imprisoned, so ravaged by her sister’s success.

She ridicules herself to escape the shadows of envy and invisibility.


Calypso will never be like her sister.

Antigone will never be like Calypso.

To understand this takes her a long time, but it will come.

The sisters overcome the violence, the wrath, the boys.


What saves them forevermore is that they do not stand alone.

They love each other in the most intimate ways that never change.

Shared all the miseries, the fights and the struggles.

A sisterhood is not easily torn apart.


For it is a bond that regenerates itself recklessly.

A sister, able to inflict the worst of pains, also grants the greatest female love.

The knife of a sister shares the same origin.

So is it that Antigone and Calypso find each other.

Overcoming all the obscurities.

photography of two women sitting on ground facing on body of water
Photo by Luizmedeirosph on



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