The Parable of the Punished Girl

Electra’s body rustles in the Autumn leaves

Ochre like her hair. Eyes were on her from behind thick glass.

The young girl’s body naked in the wet mud sliding.

‘Put your hand right here, good girl’, a trusted voice put the worm in her ear.


Rough skin rubbing against hers, how tender and affectionate.

In her, something had been awake for a long time, but it received a new form.

Electra does it really well what is asked of her, she is a girl that pleases.

Outside the leaves whirl in the winds amongst a setting sun.


I am here to heal and bring happiness back to faces.

Electra’s little chubby hands got a new direction.

The deeds slithered into her heart and festered there.

When love is used as a cloak Electra gets confused.


Electra eats too much and becomes quiet. She is an adolescent now.

Troubled she is, needing to please, to appease the hunger coming from without.

An urge that is not hers. All the other girls are blonde and thin, Electra is a contrast.

Electra’s beauty cannot be seen by boys her age, suddenly she is invisible.


But then, an old tool arises from deep within.

She knew long before these girls what to do, the secret of love.

And that’s what she got, everything hidden beneath the cloak.

Electra thinks that this is her strength, that she is unique and ahead of them all.


Electra grows a confidence that can be blown away in the wind in a second.

Before she goes to school she puts on a million faces, none of them hers.

She can never be one of those girls on magazines. She will be one of the girls unseen.

She puts herself back in that place of guided solitude.


The Southern father is a screamer and a beater, he does not like what he sees.

What a whore my daughter is, just look at you, they all talk about you.

Electra does not understand, this is what she has been taught.

The daughter feels ashamed for the first time, covers her cleavage and wonders

Where her father had been the whole time the leaves were dancing in the winds.

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