Why “Croque-Melpomene”?

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There is a French expression, “croquer la vie (à pleines dents)” which means living life to the fullest, having an appetite for life.

Melpomene is one of the nine muses surrounded by and raised  amongst female creativity, solidarity and strength. The way I see her is that she metamorphoses misery into art, making the absolute best out of everything. Taking hurt and making it a glorious wound. Narrating and giving a form to thought. The body a voice. She takes advantage of all the facets that life throws at her and makes them count. She is moulded by everything that comes her way, be it tragedy, comedy, romance, success, hardship, failed relationships, adventures, life and death. She finds an artful outlet and grows. This is Melpomene in the 21st century. Facing everything that matters. She is a woman of substance. Melpomene unmasked. She is a woman celebrating her achievements, perseverance, vocation, passion, creativity, dreams and her life. She inspires and lets herself be inspired.

And thus, “Croque-Melpomene” means celebrate with her, join her, be inspired, be creative, have an appetite for life and art, for yourself. Give birth to your visions and make it happen. Be your best self and participate in her creative and life-affirming sisterhood.


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