Bildhauer(in) | poetry

why would she destroy what is beautiful

why would she carve out the ugliness

make it so obvious and overt


and why did I hold on

to what

and why did I pretend

that nobody got hurt

that I don’t hurt

that I look fine

but someone’s carving


I didn’t want to see what she could do

bodies disrupted

parts mutilated

look okay

look fine

think of our spark

we did it together


hold still



keep that smile on your face


pretty good


but she

she reinvented all the parts

where your fingers had been

where your imagination had been

and exposed the ruins you left behind

that went so upsettingly unseen

but she

she made them obvious

she told the truth with scissors, markers and polish

on the bodies you claimed were fine

My own drawing © Laura Gentile 2022 | Instagram: croque_melpomene


  1. truth laid bare closes the seams of the wound and gives time and souls a chance to heal! recover and find a space they can seek comfort in! Without that it leaks, seeps confusion and turmoil! the destructive view corterises the flow and allows closure, finite!

    written beautifully! Without pain we do not know comfort, kindness and love the scar is the seal!

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