La demi-mondaine

Lilou, Lilou,

You don’t love yourself yet.

Lilou, Lilou,

Behind his gaze you won’t find the story you’re looking for.

Lilou, Lilou,

He’s too young and you’re too old and you’re both of the same age.


Lilou, Lilou,

You are observing the contradictory behaviour of girls.

Lilou, Lilou,

They are always torn betwen a million worlds and expectations.

Lilou, Lilou,

They can’t even trust themselves.


Lilou, Lilou,

They are wearing alarming, pressured colours.

Lilou, Lilou,

They haven’t learned a thing about themselves yet.

Lilou, Lilou,

Don’t be an ephemeral footnote in a boy’s slander.


“Woman in Pink Dress and Black Collar” by József Rippl-Rónai (1861-1927)


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